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    21-09-2011: Clayton injury
    At the "Rocks" show we had a week ago, we rocked a bit TOO hard.. Clayton got an injury! So we had to cancel the show in Oosterhout, but hopefully we can make it to the next show: Het Beest in Goes with Big Jeezus Truck!
    17-06-2011: A12 Festival cancelled
    We just recieved the news that the A12 festival is cancelled due to bad weather circumstances.
    04-04-2011: Meet 'n Greet Winner
    We have a winner for our Meet 'N Greet contest.
    Congratulations to Rachel Scheffler, we will see you in The Netherlands this Thursday!
    We hope you are ready to Rock with us for a couple of days!
    19-11-2010: New single!
    Our new single is now available in our shop. It's only 2 euro, but if you're ordering another product its FREE! How about that! Two songs our also available for download on our audio page.
    19-07-2010: Pure Southern Rock
    Trailer Trash Tremblers made it to Band of the week on the southern rock website !
    Not only that, but it's the first European southern rockband on that site ! Needles to say, we're very proud of that !
    23-06-2010: USA here we come!
    It's a FACT, we are ready for the USA... BUT is the USA ready for TTT? We will soon find out !!!!!!
    Check out the gig section to see where we're playing!
    Rawk N Roll !!!!!
    26-04-2010: New motorbike sponsor for Cooter
    Cooter Brown just landed a new sponsor. He just got himself a brand new KTM SMT 990 for free!! Go figure! As you can see in the picture the shop owner completely volunterely hands over the key to the bike. So to all TTT fans, if you are looking for the best possible motorbikes you should go to Moto Stretta.
    15-03-2010: Our 2500th CD goes to : PARIS HILTON!
    Paris Hilton was invited to come to our BBQ party where we gave here the Special LIMITED Edition CD of "Boobs, Butts, Beer & Shit" ! ! ! !

    It was the 2500th copy of the cd, so only 97500 to go !
    31-01-2010: Haiti Benefit
    Last night TTT played on the Rockbenefit Haiti,with many other bands.The organisation thought they had a good time with us, untill
    they wouldn't pay us the money.
    At the end of the show Cooter started a fight because of it
    with the security,so Billybob had time to
    get the money out of the benefitmoneybucket.
    Outside in the Van Cuzin cletus was snorting coke.
    Cooter slammed the barman with an ashtray on his ugly head,
    and kicked the securityman the air out of his balls.
    Clayton robbed a sixpack behind bar and a box of cigars
    and moved his ass as fast he can in the TTTvan where the boys were allready waiting.
    So we disappeared in the night with snow and didn't get busted.
    26-01-2010: TTT on national radio!
    Friday february 5th at 19.00 untill 20.00, TTT on national radio in the 2 minutes show.
    Check it out: here
    13-11-2009: TTT on compilation CD
    TTT was asked to contribute a track to the Dirty Earth Records compilation CD "Lord Knows II". This double CD incl. the TTT track "Tokyo Rose" is now released and also avialable in the TTT shop
    05-10-2009: TTT & Dan Baird
    Last weekend we played with Dan Baird & Homemade Sin. It was great meeting these guys again. We did two cool shows in Holland and had a hell of a time. Check the live pictures here
    07-09-2009: Cooter in drummagazine
    The dutch drummagazine "slagwerkkrant" had an interview with Cooter and a review of the "Rawk 'n Roll Custom" drumkit.

    Check it out here
    29-07-2009: TTT Hits USA in 2010 !
    While the boys are taking a summer break, taking care of their pigs, wifes and kids, the planning and booking of the TTT "Probably the Best" Tour has begun ! they will hit the USA in july 2010 ! So lock up your wifes and pigs, TTT will be in town !
    19-05-2009: New amps for the boys!
    Clayton and Cletus are as happy as little boys in a whorehouse!
    They both got new amps from Peavey!

    "The Windsor Head".

    Rocks like a motherfucker and guess what.....
    These amps go to 12 !

    Thank you Mr Peavey.
    05-05-2009: Clayton meets Dale Watson
    Dale Watson music style is Ameripolitan and this is what he said about it: "I wanted a name that didn't say country anything and didn't give anyone a preconceived idea. I came up with Ameripolitan. I even put it in Wikipedia defined as: Original music with 'prominent' roots influence."

    When Dale Watson was in the neigbourhood, Clayton had to go see him. He also had a change to talk to Dale in person.
    10-03-2009: It finally arrived: The Yamaha Rawk’n Roll Custom.
    Cooter's "Yamaha Rawk’n Roll Custom" has arrived. Special thx to Mully for all the modifications and Clayton for the design of the textures. Read all about this kit in the .pdf here.
    09-02-2009: Arriving soon: Yamaha “Rawk ‘n Roll” Custom drumkit.
    Today we had some good news about the custom “Rawk ‘n Roll” Yamaha drumkit for Cooter.
    It needs a only a few adjustments and then it’s ready to rawk ‘n roll. The kit will be equipped with all of the gear that Cooter is endorsing, like cymbals, mikes, hoops etc.
    It will be delivered soon in combination with a large promotional event by Cooters sponsors!
    05-02-2009: CD Recordings postponed!
    The CD recordings of the new TTT CD are postponed until the summer of 2009.

    While our drummer Cooter was having a holiday in the Nevada desert, he was attacked by a big rattlesnake. He was just in time in the saloon to get an antidote.
    He felt so good after this close encounter he went to an oasis with his 20 maidens and did some good old fashioned humping and therefore his sjoram got hurt.
    Then he met a guru that gave him a lift to the nearest salvation army and they wrote a lot of great songs. Now back in Holland we have to pick 20 songs, for each maiden a song.

    So while Cooter is recovering from his injury the rest of TTT is getting ready for the gig on the 14th of February.
    03-11-2008: New drummer: Cooter Brown
    We were sitting in our local bar “The pissing Pig”, when we met our old friend Cooter Brown.

    Cooter was pissed drunk and thought it was time for a barfight. As he was fighting we looked at him, swinging his arms around, hitting almost everything in his way and we thought: If we put a drumkit right in front of him, we got ourselves a new drummer!

    At that point the real pigs came in and arrested Cooter.
    But we went down to the police station and bailed Cooter out. We asked him: Did you ever play drums before? Cooter said: Hell no, but I sure can try!

    10-10-2008: Johnny left TTT!
    After 2,5 years of playing drums for TTT, Johnny Trash decided he wanted something else and so he’s leaving TTT. Johnny is going to pick up his old love and that’s driving the monstertruck on the rally’s. We wish him good luck and we all thank him for a great 2,5 years of TTT fun!
    09-10-2008: Claytons injury!
    Sadly we had to cancel our last two gigs, because of an shoulder injury of Clayton.
    At first it looked like he could make the gig in Denmark, but his injury got worse last night.
    We hope you guys and girls understand our situation and lets all hope that Clayton gets well pretty soon and we can all rock again on a stage near you.
    24-03-2008: New T-shirts!
    We have new T-shirts available! This time is a color print.
    Check it out in the TTT shop.
    17-03-2008: News from home
    Howdy C. C.

    Alabama has received the CD Boobs, Butts, Beer & Shit
    and is having a kick ass time with it!
    You guys nail the sound and look of Dixie.
    I'd love for you to play Selma. So would all my friends.
    You'd have a place to stay and play here at the Harmony Club.

    08-01-2008: CD of the month!
    Boobs, Butts, Beer & Shit is CD of the month of a local radioshow Blues meets Rock. Hell Yeah!!!
    30-12-2007: Website update
    Howdy Folks
    Billybob has updated our website and made an awesome intro
    for the band.Also featuring our friend mister
    "Chicago Mike" doing the dark voice from outherspace on the intro.So check it out!!
    17-12-2007: Johnny Trash birthday
    Last sunday was Johnny Trash his birthday
    deep in the wood of Halle there was a good party.
    All the Hell breaked lose , evil Willem was also there
    Thank god no damned cops on the
    road so with 120 mph on a secundary road was tuff enough.
    Lots of whiskey and beers were be trembled down.
    Thanks Johnny!,you dirty old Redneck Hell yeah.
    27-11-2007: Johnny Trash Potato
    Eat a dozen potatos everyday for big muscles and health!
    18-11-2007: Decibel contest!! Cafe Merlyn Doetinchem ,
    Come to our show on this friday evening at 23.45
    When the clock strikes midnight, TTT wil blow the hell out of ya motherfuckers!
    see ya !! Hellyeah!!
    14-11-2007: SATURDAY 17 NOV
    Soccergame Holland-Luxemburgh cancelled,
    there are no balls!!
    Afterparty Cafe Calluna in Ommen,
    Trailer trash tremblers in concert.
    BE THERE!!
    08-11-2007: Eibergen Gig gecancelled!
    howdy mensen!
    Door omstandigheden bij "Het Wapen" is de show van aanstaande zaterdag gecancelled!

    Helaas helaas!
    12-10-2007: New Video
    We made a new video for Beer & Burgers. Lots of footage from the famous TTT BBQ! Hell Yeah.
    Watch it here
    03-10-2007: TTT BBQ/Video shoot
    We had een pretty cool BBQ end videoshoot last saturday at Johnny Trash place. Damn the beer & burgers were tasty!
    Thx to the people that showed up to party with us.
    The videoshoot was also cool. Clayton Curtis was in a perfect video shooting mood. This guys should be an actor!
    More pictures here
    24-09-2007: Stickers
    TTT stickers in stock!!
    11-09-2007: Claytons birthday
    Today is the birthday of Clayton Curtis. This rock 'n roll pig is a year older today...hell yeah!!!
    On the picture he's relaxing at the beach of St.Maarten.
    01-09-2007: Rock'nroll weekend "'Swampwoods"
    Johnny and his wife Pebbles are giving a party.
    Tonight there's gone be the weddingparty at Johnny's place
    So get a car, and get your dirty ass up there,good time to booze and eat some greazy shit.
    See you folks,we are allready coming.
    18-07-2007: Leadsinger OZZY-TRIBUTE sings ACE Of SPADES
    Last Sunday on the BBQ party located at the Rockcafe
    Ed & Rocco's there was someone comin on stage with the TTT.
    We invited an youngman standin in front of us on the square,
    can you sing Ace of Spades?He did'nt say anything but started to sing as a howlin dog wich was hunted by a policecar with the sirens on.It sounded differend and new
    for us.
    Thanks to the singer from the Ozzy Tribute,hell yeah!!
    praise the lord amen !

    02-07-2007: Trailer for sale
    Clayton's trailer is for sale,the reason is that he needs
    more money for his holidaytrip to the caribien (beans).

    So that's what he said,and his dirty old dog too,I just wanna say you take that animal also with in the trailer.

    For fifthy sixpacks of beer you may have his wife too
    (that's not what he said but we think so).
    It was a mather a fact that there where many people in the
    RADSTAKE,chicks an drunk busters,farmers and gentlemen.
    Trailertrashtremblers have had a little party because of the first Album Boobs Butts Beer & Shit.
    The support WILSUM did a good warm up and gratulated us
    with a bottle of brandy,or something sleazy stuff to drink.
    Then started the introtape from the TTT and there the train goes wooooohoooooooooo yeeeeeeehaaaaaa.
    But what a surprise when Claytons Marshall amp
    almost tumbled from stage.
    Otherwise one of those busters from a town called Goor, bumped his head on the security rigs and slammed against the floor.His wife was screaming as a pig,and the beers
    tasted her good we think.
    All the folks from Five Shots of Whiskey came along,they had already had a gig in the neighbourhood.
    The leadsinger of the 5 shots was hanging around as a
    drunk hog and kicked the floor as a crazy horse
    It was a hell of a show ,one hour and a half at on piece with blood swet and beers.
    At the middle of the night Clayton raised the new album
    Boobs,Butts,Beer& Shit in the air and called it a miracle.
    At the end we where sold out, a couple of cd's and t-shirts
    and than we went back home.
    Cuzin Cletus was tired and forgot his blue Kustom amp.
    It was still standing on the roof of his Van.
    With 100mph something blue came accross the road mmmmmmm??
    28-04-2007: New video
    TTT recently shot a video for the song "Wrong side of the gun", directed by Tina Gordon. This video is now online and you can watch it in our media section here
    09-04-2007: TTT & AC/DShe Tour
    TTT had a great time playing with AC/DShe the last few days. We did some cool shows and had a hell of a time. A big thanx to the girls of AC/DShe and everyone at the clubs and bars. Some pictures are online now.
    02-03-2007: Trailer trash tremblers T-shirt
    We have a new t-shirt in stock,throw away the old one and buy a new one! Look at the sexy trailergirl in the design and you're gone!
    Hell yeah,so contact us or come to a TTT show and get yourself that fucking t-shirt!!!
    Available in our webshop here
    24-02-2007: Get stuck
    Last night our Van was tired and than there was a damage in the gearbox.
    When we went home in the midnight it happened,Cletus
    clutched the car into the fifth gear with 120 miles phu.
    It was a race with the devil,the gearbox screamed like a
    dirty pig and exploded!!Damned!

    20-02-2007: Opnames in volle gang
    11 maart nemen de TTT weer een paar nummers op voor
    hun debuutschijfje dat nog voor de zomervakantie zal verschijnen.
    De opnames zijn in volle gang en Maz(Metrostudio) is druk met de mix.
    De exacte datum voor de lancering wordt nog bekend gemaakt.

    mr Clayton Curtis
    21-01-2007: Gezocht!! TTT geluidsman/roadie
    We zijn op zoek naar een vaste geluidsman/zaalmixer/roadie.
    -als 5e bandlid
    -omgeving Achterhoek
    -ongebonden,of lieve vrouw
    -houdt van laat thuis komen
    -binnen en buitenland
    -rawk'n roll liefhebber

    Mocht je interesse hebben in deze amazing job dan
    16-01-2007: New live pics
    Some fresh new live pics are online now. Taken at the Dynamo Sleezefest gig. Thanx to Tonny of
    04-01-2007: Cuzin Cletus slams his favourite guitar against the trailer
    He was playing one of his honky tonk melodies on his
    blue Dearmond Guilt,and wanted to go to the bathroom because
    he had to make a shitpie.
    When he came back the guitar fell on the trailer floor
    and slamed into pieces.
    13-12-2006: Banjo
    Clayton bought an old five string Bluegrass banjo! He's in love and is picking the shit out of the thing!
    Check it out here
    03-12-2006: TTT on Sellaband.
    Trailer Trash Tremblers are on Here you can by a part in TTT as a believer and make it possible for TTT to make an album.
    Check it out here
    29-11-2006: Interview Clayton.
    Clayton had an interview in a local newspaper because he plays a part in the movie "Wild Romance" about a famous dutch rock 'n roll artist Herman Brood.
    Read it here
    12-11-2006: Video clip.
    We made a little clip on the Tokyo Rose song. You can watch it here
    15-10-2006: Great shows.
    Last week we played with The Black Godfather Mr. André Williams and we just finished our gig on the first Metropalooza festival. Both gigs were great and we all had a blast. Hell Yeah!!!
    17-09-2006: Metropool gig.
    Last thursday we had our first official club gig. We had a good time playing with 5 shots o' whiskey.
    We also gave away a promo button, just for fun.
    10-08-2006: New gear.
    Johnny Trash and Cuzin Cletus decided it was time for some new gear. So they bought some fine stuff...hell yeah.
    01-08-2006: Airplay again
    Dirty road was played on the radio again. This time at DeltaFM in the show Delta FM on monday.
    Check it out here.
    15-07-2006: TTT second airplay
    For the second time at the same radiostation Trailer Trash Tremblers were played.
    Check it out here.
    11-07-2006: TTT on myspace!
    Trailer Trash Tremblers, like many others, are also on myspace now.
    Check it out here.
    06-07-2006: TTT on air!
    On 08-07-2006 TTT will be on the local radio of "Omroep Reest en Vecht". The show is blues and rock called Blues meets Rock.
    Check out the playlist. The radiostation also has a livestream.
    Update:Cletus recorded it, listen here.
    22-05-2006: Recordings!
    Hell yeah!!! Yesterday we recorderd four songs.
    We had a blast, rocking in the relaxed environment of Studio Metro.
    Results of this recording session will be added soon in the media part of the site.
    27-03-2006: We got a new drummer!
    TTT found a new drummmer in the person of Johnny Trash Taylor.
    With this guy on the drums, TTT has found the desired line-up. He's the man who fits the profile.
    Now we can definitely rock 'n roll!!!
    01-01-2006: Cuzin Cletus is back.
    Cuzin Cletus is back in the band. Not as a drummer this time but as a guitarplayer.
    TTT is going to rock more then ever before!
    Next show
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