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    02-11-2015: Schaaf
    Had a good evening yesterday at Schaaf City Theater and a misty ride home. Our supersub drummer Mully did a perfect job!
    13-03-2013: Moonshine MIke
    We proudly present out new sixstring picker Moonshine Mike. He smokes like a chimney, drinks JD and cracks some mighty fine tunes out of his Gibson's. HELL YEAH!!!
    13-12-2012: Cuzin Cletus Last show
    On dec 15th Cuzin Cletus will performing his last show with TTT. So if you want to see him one more time in TTT action poses.....come to cafe Daniels in Wageningen.
    01-12-2011: CD Recordings
    We'll be working on our new cd untill February!
    After that, the show fun starts again!!!!!!!!
    13-10-2011: Clayton injury part 2
    It looks like the injury is getting worse instead of better.. so we had to cancel another show today :(
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    Had a good evening yesterday at Schaaf City Theate... read more

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