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    Cooter Brown, Drums

    It has been twenty years now since Clayton and Cooter last met.
    Well, to be exact it is twenty years ago that he in fact met anybody of any kind.
    Since the outbreak of the civil war he decided to be drunk every day.
    He had family on both sides so he couldn’t make up his mind on which side he should be swinging pitchforks. Therefore by getting drunk and better yet staying drunk he would be seen as useless for any military purposes.

    In those days he was as cute as a sack full of puppies and he thought that if things would get any better, he might even have to hire somebody to help him enjoy it.
    Now twenty years later it looks like he fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. Or as Clayton stated: “You’re uglier than a lard bucket full of armpits.” He told Cooter the war was over and that he should get his shit together.
    So now here he is, probably as welcome as a hair in a biscuit. He'll be slapping those drums like they were little kittens in a basket. And don’t try to stop him cause he will ram his arm up your brown snapper and yank you inside-out.

    Yamaha, Amedia, S-Hoop and Balbex

    Cooter Brown prefers to play Yamaha drums, Amedia cymbals, S-Hoop drumhoops and Balbex drumsticks.

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