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    Clayton Curtis, Guitar, Vocals

    The man who makes Keith Richards sound like Andre Rieu.
    Born many years ago in Reurle at the Achterhook near a big wood.
    One hunderd kilos of meat that slams the guitar as an old horse. Also goodlooking and likes big steaks for breakfast with a pitcher of cold beer.
    But hes got his manners and plays a Marshall stack instead of Fender.
    Country, Southern, Texas rocker all the way in the name of the Lord, Amen.

    Fender Telecaster U.S.A standard
    Rio Grande pick-ups
    Guild Starfire ,100 dollar custom made Dick Dale Stratocaster.
    Marshall 100w superlead 1978 (Peter van Weelden).
    Tung sol 12ax7 - JJ kt77 tubes
    2x12inch marshall/combo 1978 Rola celestions
    Peavey Windsor 120 watt.

    Clayton is sponsored by "Kota Radja" Call-service

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