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    Bubba is our own band shrink. He helps us out when we have problems.
    Now Bubba is available for you too!
    Just mail
    Hi there Bubba,
    I have a problem....I love to be nekkid, and run around the streets.
    But my gal and neighbours keep chasing me with a pitch fork.
    What can I do Bubba?
    I've heard that you love to run nekkid around the block to...?

    Greetings, Hillbilly Herbie

    Bubba says:
    A big howdy Herbie
    Yesss. it is true!
    I used to LOVE running around without my cloths and hat!
    Untill one day, when the pigs of my neighbour got a hold on my "jinglebells"....
    I can tell you this, it HURTS.
    It still hurts today when I have to sneeze!
    You should move to San Francisco.
    There are some parts where people don't mind running around naked at all.
    Hell, they'll even join ya !

    Cheers N Beers,Bubba.
    Howdy Bubba.
    Yesterday I had a meal of beans with pieces of porkchops.
    I like that realy but when I finished my beer and my sigar was broke I had to make a run to the bathroom outside.
    But It was dark allready and when I put my pants down and was $%$#$&%!! bursting out.
    I didn't feel my ass nomore. It was like a horrormovie or something like that,goddamned.....the pain.
    Do you know what I feel ? My butt felt of,there was nothing left of my nice dirty ass...
    And when I was looking back there was only shit,and beans. What can I do?

    Hank Jensen

    Bubba says:
    Howdy Hank, ass anymore. So you have to shit out of our mouth.
    You know what...You can go into politics..they're all talking shit anyway.
    Howdy Bubba,
    My roomy and I were wondering if it would be too tacky to put a hot tub on the front porch of our doublewide.
    We thought it might be a little weird considering the running water in the trailer stopped working and we have to bath at the neighbors.
    Whatcha think?

    Betty Lou

    Bubba says:
    Howdy Betty Lou,
    So you want a hot tub? Where the hell will you find the time to bath.
    After cooking a good meal there's still a trailer to clean.
    Besides that, you still have to fix the running water.
    A hot tub is only a good idea if there's a man about the trailer. Then he can relax in there.
    Hidy ho Bubba,
    Listen, my barbeque has been stolen yesterday.
    Goddamned!!!! and al the meat is gone too. Now I think my dog is suspicious.
    He's looking all the time at me, and than he is farting me, in my own trailer, right in my face.
    I think I'm gone shoot that son of a bitch,but it's a good dog??
    Bubba what can i do?????

    Tuck Berry

    Bubba says:
    Hey Tuck,
    That real shit if you ask me. Your BBQ been stolen...that's bad.
    Well, your dog isn't the one that stole your BBQ, so check out your neigbours.
    Maybe the dog got all the meat, but you don't know for sure.
    I think you have to buy another BBQ en some fresh meat.
    If you dog keeps farting in your face, then you can shoot 'm and maybe use his meat for a BBQ.
    Howdy Bubba.. please help me.
    I am married. :S

    greetings. Mary-Lee.

    Bubba says:
    Stop whining and get in the kitchen.
    Hej Bubba,
    My damn fridge is empty and I got no beer.
    What the hell can I do about it damn shit? I can't drive at this moment it's to dangerous and the cops are hanging around, so tell me now and move a bit I'm thirsty as a horse in a desertstorm.

    Jim Burner

    Bubba says:
    Damn Jim,
    You've got one hell of a problem there. I think you have to call the cops and tell them that you think your neighbour is a terrorist. When they go visit him, you go to the liqour store and get your beer.
    I have a problem. I like this gal I saw on my sisters wedding....
    But I think she might be fambilly. What can I do man?
    Hopefully you can help me, I heard you're a redneck lovemachine.

    Ricky R Thurmond (but you can call me Reggie)

    Bubba says:
    Well Reggie,
    Do you really care that she might be familly? I don't think so.....
    Get in there and get in that pants. If she is familly...who cares...there are more fish in the sea.
    I'm bored,
    I'm so bored Bubba. What can I do?

    Bubba says:
    Go fuck yourself!!!
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